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     Joni Caldera & Nelson Contreras are an Italian and Dominican couple who met as neighbors two years ago.  They each have a seven year old son who played soccer together.  The couple enjoys cooking empanadas together and sharing them with family & friends.  Joni and Nelson are known to bring empanadas to every party they attend. Party hosts often hide the empanadas from their guests to eat for themselves once the party is over.    One day Joni saw a "for rent" sign in a storefront window, and she thought, "that would be a great spot for an empanada shop."  She mentioned the idea to her boyfriend, and he said, "let's do it."  From there The Empanada Shop was born.  

     The Empanada Shop serves gourmet empanadas made from homemade recipes passed down for generations.  The recipes are derived from Dominican and Italian backgrounds.  The Empanada Shop is proud to serve classic Latin beef, chicken, and pork empanadas; however they also add Italian flair by offering sausage peppers and onions, tomato, basil, and chicken, and garlic shrimp empanadas.  Additionally, we put an all-American twist on the Latin treat by filling our empanadas with buffalo chicken, broccoli and cheddar, spinach and feta, and even chili mac n cheese.  For dessert we offer a guava and cheese or apple pie empanada.  There's something for everyone at The Empanada Shop!  Empanadas are popular because they are delicious and not something that can easily be made at home.  They are easy to eat with your hands and make a great, quick meal while on the go!

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